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Jani Selven

About Jani Selven

Education: B.S. Business Administration, Oregon State University, 1983, & B.S. Elementary Education, University of Oregon, 1989

Philosophy of Education:

I believe that a respectful, caring relationship with students and their families is the foundation for a wonderful school year.

I believe that children learn best when they are excited about their learning. I strive to incorporate art, drama, cooking, kinesthetic games, vocabulary building and fun into the concepts I teach.

I believe in engaging students through song, dance, storytelling, poetry, and their imagination.

I believe each child has unique strengths and learning styles. I work to differentiate my instruction to provide enough challenge and support for all children.

I believe I need to bring love, laughter and passion to my classroom each day.

Teaching Experience: I have enjoyed teaching 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, middle school, and high school for 15 years in both the Bethel and Eugene School Districts. I especially love teaching math and writing. However, my greatest teaching experience has been with my own children--Amy, Kaari, Krissy and Michael who are now in high school and college.


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Birthday: July 6th

Hometown: Astoria, OR

Education: Oregon State University, 1983 & University of Oregon, 1989

Favorite Book: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Hobbies: Running, Tennis, Gardening, Baking, and Hanging out with friends and family

Email: <selven_j@4j.lane.edu>

Website: Coming Soon!

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