Castles and more castles...

Mrs. Berkey's 7th graders study medieval times, February 2, 2001

Criteria for the Castle Model:

  1. attached to heavy cardboard or railroad board
  2. neatness counts
  3. labels are essential - viewers needs to know what they are seeing
  4. the explanation of the acutal living conditions in the castle need to be word processed or neatly handwritten - this should be 3-4 pages in Times 14 font.
  5. keep track of where information is obtained - the bibliography should have at least three sources
  6. make sure your name and period number are on both the product and the paper so you can get credit.

Grades are based on neatness, accuracy of content, conventions (this includes spelling), and bibiography.

Click blue bordered pictures to get larger size image of student examples of castle models, below:

Mrs. Berkey assists Roger in showing off the details of his castle: brick-like texture from egg crates, & parsley "grass."
Lauren helps hold the display while her friend Samantha shows off her castle, complete with labels inside.

Haley explains the difficulty she had trying to use plaster on plastic mesh - the walls buckle!

Bryce managed to get his castle built from classic sugar cubes, despite interference from his dog (who wanted to eat them!).

Brad demonstrates his workable drawbridge - very cool!

Nick (on the right) shows the interior of his castle design, with help from his friend.

Shane points out the fields outside the castle wall in his design layout.

Sammy says that building the little ladders for his castle was the hardest part!

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Updated February 5, 2001