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Kelly Middle School: A Leader in Technology

Welcome to our school

A Leader in Technology

Did you know that Kelly Middle School is one of the District schools leading the way in the area of teaching and learning with technology?

We have technology hardware infused throughout our school:
• Over 300 computers available for student use.
• Smartboards in every math/science classroom.
• Document cameras in EVERY classroom.
• Projection systems in EVERY classroom.
• Student-response classroom clickers for active participation and immediate assessment.
• Apple Remote Desktops on every teacher’s laptop, which allows monitoring of student activity.


Upcoming Events

October 31
Fall Fest

On October 31, we will hold our annual Fall Fest Social for students who have behaved in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner during October. The event runs from 2:35-3:20 p.m. and features a variety of activities designed for students to practice social skills and have fun while promoting positive feelings toward school. Activities may include such things as Bingo, origami, and a dance.

If parents prefer that their child not participate, they may send a written note excusing the child from school at 2:35 p.m. to walk home. Students without a written note will not be allowed to leave school grounds. If a student has permission to leave, he/she MUST leave school grounds, as supervision will not be available.


We do encourage students to dress up for the occasion if they choose. They are welcome to wear costumes to school, or dress up prior to the FEST event on this day. We ask for your help in helping your student choose an appropriate costume. In addition to the regular dress code and school rules that continue to apply on this day, the following additions are important:

  • weapons or weapon-like props are not allowed
  • excessive bareness (no spaghetti straps, exposed bra straps, bare midriffs) will not be tolerated.
  • "gang" attire is not allowed.
  • masks need to be left at home.
  • face paint is permitted

School Activity Calendar




ParentVue to view your students grades is now available. You can stop by the front office and pick up your activation code or email  Terri Hunt  and she will email you your activation code. 

ParentVue - click here
StudentVue - click here