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Kelly Middle School: A Leader in Technology

Welcome to our school

A Leader in Technology

Did you know that Kelly Middle School is one of the District schools leading the way in the area of teaching and learning with technology?

We have technology hardware infused throughout our school:
• Over 300 computers available for student use.
• Smartboards in every math/science classroom.
• Document cameras in EVERY classroom.
• Projection systems in EVERY classroom.
• Student-response classroom clickers for active participation and immediate assessment.
• Apple Remote Desktops on every teacher’s laptop, which allows monitoring of student activity.


Upcoming Events

September 25
Open House, Pizza Feed & Book Fair

Kelly's 5th Annual Pizza Feed and Book Fair will start at 5:30 p.m. Papa's Pizza and a drink will be available to purchase for $1.00 per slice. The Scholastic Book Fair will be open on the Flight Deck, all proceeds will go to help buy new books for the library.

The staff of Kelly Middle School welcomes you to our Open House, it will begin at 6:35 p.m. We are proud to have you visit and appreciate the chance to share our programs with you. The goal of the Open House is to increase the number of parents involved in the life of our school and for you to have an opportunity to visit the classes your son or daughter attends, meet the teachers and gain a better understanding of our school and academic programs. The evening is arranged to follow an abbreviated student schedule. Click here for the Open House Flyer.


School Activity Calendar