James Madison Middle School - A community of involved citizens that empowers all students and prepares them for success in a changing world!

General Info

ATTENDANCE LINE: 541-790-4343

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00am-4:00pm

CLASSES: 9:00am-3:35pm

(Early Release every Friday at 2:35pm)

PHONE: 541-790-4300  FAX: 541-790-4320

Volunteers & Visitors

4J schools use a school sign-in program called HelpCounter. All volunteers and visitors must sign in on a computer at our front counter. You can also go to this site on your own computer and sign up to volunteer and/or fill out your volunteer paperwork. Click on this link if you would like to update your info or fill out the volunteer forms: http://helpcounter.net/eugene

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences (arena style) are coming next week! On Nov. 7, parents can come from 4-8pm (except 5-5:30, when teachers will have a dinner break), to meet with teachers in the large gym. Conferences have a 10 minute time limit, so we can serve more parents. If you feel you have an issue which could take longer, you may schedule a private conference at a later time. Teachers will also be available on Thurs., Nov. 8, from 8:00-noon, and these will be the same (arena style, 10 minute limit), only they will be up in the classroom commons! The following teachers are part time and have limited hours:

  • Ms. Bushnell: only available until 7:20pm on Nov. 7, and not on Nov. 8
  • Ms. Hinton: available Nov. 7, but on Nov. 8, only available until 10:40
  • Ms. Kliever: available Nov. 7, but on Nov. 8, only available until 10:40
  • Ms. Coburn: available Nov. 7, but not on Nov. 8

Spirit Week!

Hey parents, check out the Madison calendar for next week’s Spirit Week info! If you click on the “event” for each day (especially Costume Day), it will give you  more info about each day. http://schools.4j.lane.edu/…/studentparent-r…/event-calendar

Monday: Pajama Day- wear your comfiest sleep wear, robes, and slippers (no stuffed animals or blankets, please)!
Tuesday: Crazy Mix-up Day- mismatched clothes, inside out or backwards clothes, crazy hairdos, or all of the above!
Wednesday: Costume Day- make sure you click on this on the calendar to see costume expectations!
Thursday: Twin Day-find friends and twin it up by dressing alike (or triplet or quadruplet it up)!
Friday: Fave Team Day- wear your fave team gear or colors; it can be pro, college, high school, or even your own club or rec team!

River Walk is Here!

The River Walk is this Friday, Oct. 19! We will leave Madison about 9:20, and will return around 12:45. Students should dress in layers, as it will be sunny but chilly. Students can eat school lunch (BBQ’d burgers and hot dogs), or they can bring their own sack lunch. We encourage water bottles, and students may bring their phones. Get those donations in! Click here to donate!

4J Parent Leaders Network

The 4J Parent Leaders Network is a volunteer network connecting parent organization leaders for mutual support. They meet at the District Office at 200 North Monroe Street; space and refreshments are provided by Eugene School District 4J. This year’s meetings will be convened by Heather Sielicki (Camas Ridge Parent) and Rita Gillihan (Yujin Gakuen Parent) on 10/3, 12/3, 2/4, and 4/15 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. You are invited to participate with the parent leaders at your school.

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

  • October 3rd: Back to school; policies and procedures that apply to parent groups, working with the Eugene Education Foundation, and communication best practices.
  • December 3rd: Understanding K-12 Funding in Oregon 101; working with the School Board, programs and ideas for raising additional funds for your school community.
  • February 4th: Community involvement; best practices to support the involvement of parents and families in the education of their children, how to get your neighborhood connected with your school.
  • April 15: Advocacy; enhance your ability to impact educational opportunities and social change, mobilize volunteers and recruit future parent leaders.

For more information, please visit https://parentleadersnetwork.org. To add your parent leaders to the email list for meeting reminders and announcement, please email their contact information to parentleadersnetwork@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.