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Contact Information

Contact Information

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ABSENCES – Call our attendance line at 541-790-4343 and leave a message including your name, your student’s name, the date/time of the absence, and the reason for the absence.

ADMINISTRATION – Principal Peter Barsotti or Assistant Principal Teresa Martindale at 541-790-4300.

FOCUS TEACHERS – Call 541-790-4300 or check list below for individual teacher phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.

ATHLETICS – Questions regarding athletics (Track) should be directed to Assistant Principal Teresa Martindale at 541-790- 4300.

ATTENDANCE CONCERNSDonna Karter at 541-790-4303.

COGNITIVE LEARNING CENTER  – Matt Goodban at 541-790-4341.

DISCIPLINE ISSUES – Assistant Principal Teresa Martindale at 541-790-4300.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER (ELL)Abby Lane at 541-790-3145.

FEES – For questions regarding fees,  Mary Peterson at 541-790-4321.

FREE/REDUCED LUNCH – 4J Nutrition Services at 541-790-7656.

LEARNING CENTER (Special Education) – Questions pertaining to Learning Center services should be directed to Amy Brooks at 541-790-4349.

LIBRARY / MEDIA CENTERShana Olsen at 541-790-4355.

NATIVE AMERICAN PROGRAMBrenda Brainard at 541-790-5900

NURSE CONSULTANT –  Robin Wellwood at 541-790-4300.

PROBLEMS IN INDIVIDUAL CLASSES – See “Staff Phone Number/E-mail List”, distributed at school, on the back of Progress Reports, and listed below.

SECONDARY SPECIAL EDUCATION CONSULTANT – For consultation and referrals of student either currently on IEP’s or those with suspected learning difficulties, and/or for assistance with severe attendance problems and personal/family problems that prevent student from attending school: Greg Marron at 541-790-4300.

STUDENT RECORDS & SCHEDULINGNancy Collie at 541-790-4305.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR –  Doriann Oravec at 541-790-4313.

Alphabetical Contact List

Teachers/Certified Staff:

Barsotti, Peter Principal 541-790-4300
Block, Kimberly 7th Math 541-790-4361
Brooks, Amy Learning Center 541-790-4349
Bushnell, Katie 8th LA 541-790-4344
Walker, Ken 7th LA 541-790-4365
Davis, Geoff  8th SS/7th Health 541-790-4345
Dunlap, M.E. 7th Science 541-790-4364
Erickson, Jason 6th SS/8th AVID 541-790-4361
Glassow, Anne 6th LA / Read Right 541-790-4367
Goodban, Matt  Regional Learning Center 541-790-4341
Hinton, Christina 6th Math/7th AVID 541-790-4368
Hobie, Kellen PE 541-790- 4323
Hosaka, Miho Culinary Arts 541-790-4331
Johnson, Jessica 8th Science 541-790-4352
Macario, Raquel Spanish 541-790-4364
Machado, Alison 6th Science 541-790-4353
Martindale, Teresa Assistant Principal 541-790-4300
Stead, Mike Woodshop / Project 541-790-4348
Stubbert, Tyler 7th SS/7th Health 541-790-4363
Tomlanovich, Ann
Counselor 541-790-4347
Wellwood, Robin Nurse 541-790-4300
Wilcox, Tim Band/Choir/Theater 541-790-4336
Youngman, Jan 8th Math 541-790-4346

Office Staff

Collie, Nancy  Student Records & Scheduling 541-790-4305
Karter, Donna Attendance 541- 790-4303
Peterson, Mary Office Manager 541- 790-4321