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School Choice Events

In Eugene School District 4J, our school choice policy is that students may request to enroll in any 4J school. School choice requests are accepted in an order determined by lottery.

School choice in January: School choice tours and meetings will be scheduled in the month of January. To be included in the annual school choice lottery, 4J residents must apply between January 1 and January 31. This deadline changed last year to be earlier than in previous years. Non-district residents must apply for an inter-district transfer between March 1 and March 31 to be included in the school placement lottery.

Who needs to apply: All students who wish to enroll in a school other than their neighborhood school must submit an application. This includes incoming siblings of current students, students who have moved out of our school neighborhood or the district and want to remain enrolled next year, eighth grade students who want to enroll in the International High School program, or a middleschool other than their neighborhood school, and non-residents who enrolled this year on a one year inter-district transfer. Their enrollment is not automatic.

Who does not need to apply: If your student is already enrolled in our school on an in-district school choice transfer and has not moved out of the district, or is already enrolled on a multi-year “open enrollment” transfer, you do not need to reapply to continue attending our school next year.

Come see our schools: If you or any of your friends are interested in exploring your school choice options, please invite them to come learn more about our wonderful school at Madison’s school choice events in January:

Weds., Jan. 16: Talk n’ Tour at 2:00pm
Thurs., Jan. 17: Talk n’ Tour at 5:30pm

Fri., Jan. 18: Talk n’ Tour at 9:30am

Winter Weather Reminder

When winter weather arrives, schools may be closed or delayed or buses may use snow routes. These decisions are made by the district early in the morning and are the same for every 4J school.

Snow day notifications: Our school district communicates any decision to change school or bus schedules as quickly as possible in several ways, all well before 6:30 a.m.

No news = No change. If schools and buses are on their regular schedule, there will NOT be an announcement.

School schedule:

School Closure = No school for students. Decision about afternoon/evening activities will be made by noon.

 Two-Hour Delay: School starts two hours late and ends at the usual school dismissal time. If a delay occurs on an early release Friday, school will still be dismissed at the early release time.

Snow Routes: The North Region does not have snow routes!

Parent Choice: Please consider the road conditions in your own area in making your decision about school attendance, and notify the school if your student will be staying home. Parents’ decisions about absences for weather-related safety reasons will be honored.

For more information, please see www.4j.lane.edu/weather.

Clima de invierno: Información de días de nieve

Cuando hay mal tiempo en el invierno, las escuelas pueden cerrar o comenzar tarde y los autobuses pueden utilizar las rutas de nieve. Estas decisiones se toman para el distrito entero y aplican a todas las escuelas de Eugene 4J.

Notificaciones de día de nieve: Nuestro distrito escolar comunicará cualquier cambio de horario de jornada escolar o rutas de autobuses lo mas pronto posible de varias maneras, siempre antes de las 6:30 a.m.

Ninguna notificación = Ningún cambio. Si no hay ningún cambio de horario o de rutas de autobuses, NO habrá ningún anuncio.

Horario de clases:

Cierre de escuela (“Schools Closed”) = Los alumnos no asistirán a la escuela. Decisiones sobre actividades extracurriculares se tomarán antes del mediodía.

Retraso de dos horas (“Two-Hour Delay”): Las clases comenzarán dos horas mas tarde y terminarán a la hora normal en un día escolar regular.  Si el retraso ocurre en un viernes, los estudiantes saldrán a la hora de salida temprana.

Rutas de nieve (“Snow Routes”): Madison no tiene ningún ruta de nieve.

Opción de los padres (“Parent Choice”): Por favor considere las condiciones de las carreteras donde vive al tomar la decisión de mandar o no a su estudiante a la escuela. Notifique a la escuela si su estudiante no asistirá a clases. Las decisiones de los padres sobre la ausencia de sus estudiantes por razones de seguridad en el clima inclemente serán respetadas.

Podrá encontrar más información en inglés en el sitio web www.4j.lane.edu/weather.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences (arena style) are coming next week! On Nov. 7, parents can come from 4-8pm (except 5-5:30, when teachers will have a dinner break), to meet with teachers in the large gym. Conferences have a 10 minute time limit, so we can serve more parents. If you feel you have an issue which could take longer, you may schedule a private conference at a later time. Teachers will also be available on Thurs., Nov. 8, from 8:00-noon, and these will be the same (arena style, 10 minute limit), only they will be up in the classroom commons! The following teachers are part time and have limited hours:

  • Ms. Bushnell: only available until 7:20pm on Nov. 7, and not on Nov. 8
  • Ms. Hinton: available Nov. 7, but on Nov. 8, only available until 10:40
  • Ms. Kliever: available Nov. 7, but on Nov. 8, only available until 10:40
  • Ms. Coburn: available Nov. 7, but not on Nov. 8

Spirit Week!

Hey parents, check out the Madison calendar for next week’s Spirit Week info! If you click on the “event” for each day (especially Costume Day), it will give you  more info about each day. http://schools.4j.lane.edu/…/studentparent-r…/event-calendar

Monday: Pajama Day- wear your comfiest sleep wear, robes, and slippers (no stuffed animals or blankets, please)!
Tuesday: Crazy Mix-up Day- mismatched clothes, inside out or backwards clothes, crazy hairdos, or all of the above!
Wednesday: Costume Day- make sure you click on this on the calendar to see costume expectations!
Thursday: Twin Day-find friends and twin it up by dressing alike (or triplet or quadruplet it up)!
Friday: Fave Team Day- wear your fave team gear or colors; it can be pro, college, high school, or even your own club or rec team!

River Walk is Here!

The River Walk is this Friday, Oct. 19! We will leave Madison about 9:20, and will return around 12:45. Students should dress in layers, as it will be sunny but chilly. Students can eat school lunch (BBQ’d burgers and hot dogs), or they can bring their own sack lunch. We encourage water bottles, and students may bring their phones. Get those donations in! Click here to donate!