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Biographies Health and Fitness 
Healthy Foods Connections
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Images Social Studies
Fine Arts and Music International Studies/Economics Speech and Debate Issues
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Libraries and Media Connections

Dewey Browse (web sites by Dewey number) Important Dates in History
Multnomah County Library Homework Center CyberDewey (Internet linked web sites by Dewey number)
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress Best Information on the Net
4J Library Services Lane ESD 
American Memory White Pages Directory Assistance 
Information Skills-Big 6 Basic Steps--Research Projects
Library Spot Links -Sheldon Classes & Assignments


Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Biographies
Biography links -- master list created by 4J librarians
Time 100
Biographical Dictionary
A&E Biography
Yahoo People

Careers and College Connections

Occupational Outlook Handbook National Career Net
Career Links on the Web Career Zone
College Grad -- career information Oregon CIS -- password available from Career Center
University of Oregon Oregon State University 
Lane Community College MLA Documentation

Fine Arts and Music

Smithsonian Encyclopedia Smithsonian
 Web Museum  Art History Resources
 Artcyclopedia  Ask Art
 Yahoo-Artists & Photographers & Sculptors  Music and Musicians
 Guitar Room for Chords  History of Jazz (Ken Burns)
 Museums and Virtual Museums from Yahoo  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Geography and History-the 900's
Health and Fitness

Web MD World Health Organization
Medline National Institutes of Health
Tips for Teens presents alcohol and drug information for teens Mental Health Net
Teens Health Center for Disease Control
Get in Straight -- facts about drugs HealthLinks USA
Health Finder National Institute of Drug Abuse
MyPyramid USDA Health & Nutrition
Alternative Medicine
Mental Health Matters- disorders Healthy Food Connections

Healthy Food Connects

Fagan Finder: Search engines in all subject sorts for all types of images
Google Image Search
Picturing the Century
Web Gallery of Art
New 4J Security Information for Students and Staff

All users must log on with their 4J username and passwords to use the Internet in all 4J buildiings.
Please come see Melinda Warburg in the library to get your information, or you will receive it in your classes.

Below is a sample of the username/password that we are using. You will be directed to change your password once you've logged on. DON'T FORGET it as it will take awhile to receive new ones from CIS.

USERNAME: first initial, student name and random number
PASSWORD: First TWO letters of last name & LAST four digits of student numbers
EXAMPLE: jstudent34
(jane student 901234--first initial & last name & random number)
(first TWO letters of last name & last FOUR digits of student number)
STAFF: your email username & password from 4J


International Studies

All Africa -- current news stories about Africa

International Monetary Fund -- financial and economic information

Africa Aids Comprehensive
-- up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS in Africa

Lonely Planet -- start at Worldguide, for all types of travel information
Amnesty International USA -- Human Rights Online Weather -- United Kingdom weather forecasts
Asia for educators PBS Interative African -- explore, challenges, maps and more
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -- world health issues Tourism Offices Worldwide
Center for Disease Control U.S. Census Bureau -- great place for statistics like foreign trade
CIA World Factbook US Peace Corps
Culture Quest World Tour -- simple, fun tour of the world's cultures World Climate -- worldwide weather, average monthly temperature/precipitation
Currency Rates Currency -- conversion information Worldwide Weather from Yahoo
Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife -- non-profit group based in Eugene World Health Organization
Human Rights Watch BBC News


CIA--Country information Lonely Planet
WHO Health information OECD--Economic and Social rankings
World Bank OECD Country statistics
U.S. State Dept--Countries IHS Curriculum links--Economics
Ultimate Business Simulation Yahoo Finance--for stock resources, etc.

Language Arts & Reading Resources

Ask Dr. Math
World of Math
Gizmo Interactive sites from Learning World
U.S. Census Bureau
National Library of Virtual Manipulations
Animal Diversity Web Ecological Footprint
WebElements The Periodic Table
Chemical Elements Pictorial Periodic Table
Biomes of the World World's Biomes Page
The Nine Planets Worldwide Weather
National Academies of Science Weatherbase
Frank Potter's Science Gems Physics Sites from Yahoo
Taxonomy: What's in a Name FishBase for Taxonomy project
Evolutionary & Geologic Timelines MSNBC Earth's Timeline
History of Earth on a Toilet Paper Roll  Earth Timeline from History of Earth on Toilet Paper Roll
Happy Planet

Social Studies--click here for many related topics
Speech and Debate Issues
Historic Speech Index
Inaugural Presidential Speeches from Bartleby
Debate topics from DebataBase
Hot Issues and Cool Ideas
Social Issues from Multnomah County Library

World Languages

Babel Fish Translation Service Conjuguemos fast way to practice 
Spanish Yahoo! Paris Digest
Excelente Biblioteca French Yahoo!
Eduhound en Espanol EduHound Espanol
BBC Mundo-- News/Spanish WebMuseum: Paris
Univision Spanish language info site French Artists--alpha list
  ArtCyclopedia-French artists

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