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New 4J Security Information for Students and Staff

All users must log on with their 4J username and passwords to use the Internet in all 4J buildiings.
Please come see Melinda Warburg in the library to get your information, or you will receive it in your classes.

Below is a sample of the username/password that we are using. You will be directed to change your password once you've logged on. DON'T FORGET it as it will take awhile to receive new ones from CIS.

USERNAME: first initial, student name and random number
PASSWORD: First TWO letters of last name & LAST four digits of student numbers
EXAMPLE: jstudent34
(jane student 901234--first initial & last name & random number)
(first TWO letters of last name & last FOUR digits of student number)
STAFF: your email username & password from 4J


Eugene International
High School
links to find Class syllabi, staff pages and assignments

Sheldon High School
Check here for all kinds of information relating to Sheldon High School
Citation Maker
for Citing your Resources in an interactive format
Citation Machine
for Citing your Resources in an interactive format
MLA and ALA versions at both links
New MLA Citation Guidelines Information courtesy of Lane Community College
SLMC Via for materials in our Sheldon Library Collection
Use the SIRS database to search for articles
Use the Gale Online Resources to locate subjects in a variety of areas
IHS Forms for Juniors & Seniors, misc. forms

Sophmore Projects

Use the EBSCO databases to choose your subject search strategies, many subjects available
Global Health: Asia for 9th Grade Projects: link from Chuchill H.S. created by J. Vignoul
This page is being updated, information may not be up to date, June 2009
China History mega-site Chinese Cultural Studies
Ancient China Link 101  

IB Economics,Current Events & Global Health Issues--Countries/Global Perspectives

Amnesty International Human Rights Watch Nationmaster Stats:
AIDS Mega Sites & AIDS Legislation from Multnomah County Library Environmental Data from United Nations World Health Org. Country information
Synergy Project-- links by region and impacts AIDS & HIV from Avert.org site, organized by regions
University of New South Wales: Countries
UNAIDS Country Information UN Human Development Report South Asian Public Health Forum
see list of articles near the bottom
World Health Organization Global Health Atlas World Bank -- use the “Data & Research” link Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health
Global Health Reporting U.S. Department of State:
Country information
South Asian Health Issues (Sawnet)
Articles extracted from Medline
United States Center for Disease Control Global AIDS Program Lonely Planet--an independent travel site with country overviews South & Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality: Main site
Site articles
World Bank Regional HIV/AIDS Activities
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development –- use “by country” tab

CIA World Fact Book

  Don't forget our eBooks Online:
Get passwords to Hook Up from Home for users from --Melinda Warburg (warburg@4j.lane.edu)
or your teacher
 Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa 2nd ed., 4v, 2004
Arts and Humanities Through the Eras 5v, 2005
The People's Chronology
Infectious Diseases in Context
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Popular Musicians since 1990
The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2V Set
American Decades, 10 V Set
UXL Middle Ages Reference Library, 4V Set
UXL Renaissance Reference 4V Set
Literature & Its Times 5V Set
Scientific Thought in Context 3V Set


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Updated June 2, 2009