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ENG 9 - Genocide,
ENG 9 - Holocaust,
ENG 9 - Japanese Internment

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Pay attention to whether there is more than one page of books.
Note the CALL NUMBER of books you like.


Student Resources in Context


GVRL subcollection on the Holocaust, Genocide & Japanese Internment

GVRL Individual eBook articles

Japanese Internment
American Decades

Japanese Internment: Was the Internment of Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians During the War Justified?
History in Dispute vol 5

Auschwitz: Should the Allies have Bombed the Railroad Facilities and Crematoriums at Auschwitz and Other Death Camps?
History in Dispute vol 5

Holocaust: The System: Was the Holocaust Different from Other Cases of Genocide?
History in Dispute vol 5

Night by Elie Weisel
Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace

Oppression and Genocide
Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace

Websites recommended by Mr. Cantwell:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Manzanar National Historic Site


Academic Assessment

Updated Oct 26, 2016