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Larger Resource Sites:

BBC - World War I

Links to diaries and first-hand accounts of the war.

Link to Vintage Photos (Look in the right-hand column)

Link to Artist Sketches - World War I
This resource will help you get specific knowledge
about a particular event so you can write your
journal entries

Links to Photos and Diaries

Provides valuable information about how to read a
primary document such as a diary, letter or official report
Then go to THE GREAT WAR link


Takes you to the World War I portal
go directly to the Primary Documents OR Photos

World War I Reference Library
Look for the links - A Soldier's Life AND Literature of the Great War

Specific journal links:

Letters and diary entries from many who lived through the First World War

Diaries & Photos of C. Bert Spires - Royal Field Artillery, Belgium & Italy 1917-1918

Diary of Captain John Wilson of the Royal Air Force

Letters, Diaries & Photos of Canadian Nurse Helen Fowlds

Postcards from the Front

Daily Diaries of Lieutenant Ralph Doughty - Australian Army (ANZAC) Field Artillery Brigade

Diaries and Photos of Sergeant Bernard Joseph Brookes (Scroll down to left-hand links)

Diary of Lieutenant Victor Edward Borgonon Suffolk Regiment Jan. 1918-1919

Diary entries of Charles Rooke, a soldier in France, Belgium and Germany

British Journalism and the First World War

The Danger of Being a Journalist in World War I (includes links to transcripts about the censorship)

First World War Art