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Option 1 - Presentation - TOK Thinking and Analysis - Identify a Real Life Situation

Identify a real tife issue of interest and find a related resource. The links below are some places to browse issues that might get you thinking.

Record a citation and summary of the most promísíng source on the back of your assignment paper.
(MLA Citation Maker and EASYBIB link in left-hand column)

Browse possible issues:


Gale Databases

Science in Context

Global Issues in Context

Opposing Viewpoints

TED Talks

Radio Lab

Theory of Knowledge newsletter

Option 2 - Essay - TOK Thinking and Analysis - Choose one of the "Prescribed Titles"

Choose one of the "prescribed titles" and brainstorm possible approaches, related questions, and relevant, concrete examples. You may work individually or in a small group. Create a diagram of the discussion on the back of your assignment paper.

On your assignment handout, choose one of the following questions:

1. Our senses teII us that a table, for example, is a solid obiect; science tells us that the table is mostly empty space. Thus two sources of knowledge generate conflicting results. Can we resolve such conflicts?

2. 'The knowledge we value the most is the knowledge for which we can provide the strongest justifications.' To what extentwould you agree with this claim?

3. "Knowledge gives us a sense of who we are." To what extent is this true in the natural sciences and arts?

4. "ln the natural sciences progress can be made, but, in the arts this is not possible"' To what extent do You agree?

Report of Class Activity:
Choose one or all of the following and write a brief summary of your time in class.

Browsed articles for TOK assignment
Discussed paper titles and brainstormed examples and knowledge questions
Worked on revisions to senior paper

Updated Nov. 12, 2015